If my skin looks and feels good,  in my head I look like a million bucks! I have always paid extra attention to my skin since I was 16. Mainly because my mom owned and ran a salon/spa then called ‘Beauty Parlor’ in my  late teens to 20s. Basically at the right age, I was exposed to all the skincare products and treatments known then.

What do we look for in skincare ?? Atleast at my age, I am really looking for anti aging, brightening, tightening and lifting all without being too harsh and invasive at the moment. Is that a lot to ask ?? HaHa. My skin really took a toll towards hyperpigmentation after my second baby. I desperately wanted to do something drastically good that would turn it around. I tried it all; retinol, vitamin c, Ayurveda etc. They all are good and worked but to some extent. I was never totally happy with them.

I came across Toska’s Instagram account through a Charlotte makeup artist and mommy blogger (Lindsey) who talked about how these products helped with her skin. I immediately started following Toska and went in for a facial, which was amazing.  That introduced me to the Biologique Recherche line of products. This LUXURY line of products originating from Paris have been the only thing I have been using for the past 3 months. This is my daytime and nighttime routine and there is nothing else other than a sunscreen in the morning and lip mask at night that I add to the routine.

LAIT VIP O2 (Cleanser)

It’s not a makeup remover. I use it after I have removed my makeup. Honestly when I saw milky texture I thought of acne. But it’s the best cleanser. It doesn’t dry out the skin like most cleanser do to my face. Just a quarter size of cleanser is good enough to that squeaky clean feeling.

P50 Balancing Exfoliators ( Toner)

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is an exfoliating and brightening lotion. I know this product is the biggest game changer of all ! Its what really works towards reducing the hyper pigmentation and sun damage. I just wet a cotton pad with the toner and pat it all over my face and neck.

Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines (Treatment Serum)

This green serum is applied right after the toner and really is the treatment to the hyperpigmentation. These products are NOT retinol or vitamin c products. They have a special blend of highly concentrated (over 20% in most products) botanical, marine and biological extract. Just 4-5 drops are good for each application.

 Crème Contour des Yeux VIP O2   (Eye Cream)

So I got the sample of this product home.  I used the sample very sparingly but it’s the best product for my eyes. The texture is great. I won’t say my dark circles have disappeared but definitely have reduced! After all I need to thank my dad for the forever reverse smokey eyes..haha. One pump is all you need.

These 4 products have been what I have been using for the past 3 months.  I honestly see  brightening and glow. I see reduced pores size on my cheeks. I see even skin tone! I am hoping to add more products from this line to my skincare as its really something I believe and see thats working for my skin. Just a disclaimer these products are LUXURY ..which also means $$$ but the quantity of the products is good to justify the price.  Next on my list in a few months is the VIP O2 mask and the Vivant masks. They are amazing ..seriously the best. I have stopped buying any other masks. However I will survive on the samples till I can add them to my collection 🙂


If you don’t live in Charlotte and need a skin consultation and a recommended list of products that work, head over to Toska’s website and fill in the form. They will reach out to you with the recommendation and the products will be shipped to you ( free shipping). All the above products can be shopped at ShopToskaSpa ( click here)


If you want to understand the products and thier  ingredients head over to their website Biologique Recherché.




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