Fashion Resolutions for 2018

Resolution time for a better me in 2018! Mine start with getting fitter, more organized and spending less time on my phone to name a few. However, this year I made some new ones that I would like to call ‘Fashion Resolutions for 2018’. Thanks to the blogging bug that bit me, I think of fashion and only fashion in my spare time. These resolutions are just going to make me more experimental, organized and a millionaire. 🙂 Ok maybe just save a few hundreds of dollars!

Resolution 1 – Color me Rainbow

I want to wear more color! I won’t deny its easy for me to fall back to wearing black or greys or browns. They are my go to colors but this year I vow to go for something more brighter. I am so going for that monochromatic look this year! Wait for it … it is coming soon.

Resolution 2 – Ebates ! This is my chance to be a millionaire

It’s a resolution we all should make and save some money. I have known of this app for more than a year now but I have just been so lazy about understanding how it works and the whole cash back thingy. Finally now I get it! I know a friend who has gotten hundreds of dollars as cash back with all the shopping they have done in 2017. With every purchase you make using their app (it’s got the link to all the brands) you get some percentage of cash back! Ebates has partnered with tons of brands. To name a few- Dicks sports, Under armour, Banana republic, Gap, Saks fifth avenue, Tory burch etc.

Resolution 3 – Closet Secrets of a Mommyista

I can do a decent job of organizing my closest (no I am still not there with the color coding and length of pants). But, I suck at maintaining it! So this year I am determined to keep my closest looking organized and clean every day of the week. All it requires is an everyday check of making sure things are in its place and not lazing out or making kids a perfect excuse for the lack of attention. I am going to try my best! If you guys have any suggestions of how you maintain your closest on a daily basis I would love to hear from you! Help a sista

Resolution 4 – Learn Hair Everything

So when you see those beautiful curls on my feed, its cause I went to a salon a day ahead to make sure my hair looks like that. I solemnly vow to learn different hairdo’s be it beachy waves, or a sleek wet look or just a classic blow dry.  I am going to learn it all and share it with you guys when I get it right!

Resolution 5 : Experiment with Drugstore Makeup products

95% of the time I always end up buying high end makeup. Yes, I do try some drugstore products that are tried and tested by other bloggers, but I don’t ever reach out for the drugstore makeup or even care to find out what’s new. But that’s going to change this year! Gone are the days where the better the  brand the better the quality. Drugstore brands are definitely putting their effort and money into making high quality products. Hence, I won’t hesitate this year to experiment with their products and again save some money 😉

I would love to hear about your fashion resolutions for 2018 or if there is any resolution listed above that you may relate to ? Please comment 🙂 xoxo


Mansi b

Love it! Yeah i need to follow #3 more. A good list though to keep reminding myself ❤️

    Thelma Arora

    Thanks girl! #3 is what i struggle with the most 🙂

Reetika datta

Nice blog again !!
wanna hear more from you on #2 – Ebates and #4 : hairstyles 🙂 One of my resolutions for this year is to cut my hair shorter and get diff looks .. so let’s share !!

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