Glam Room Reveal

I am so excited to share this room reveal with you guys. If you followed my Instagram stories earlier you would have seen the before of this room. This room sits outside my closet and is more like a little dressing room space or an owner’s suite connecting the bedroom and the closet. This space was literally our ironing and laundry throwing place. We did have baskets but they were never really enough. Finally, after doing the bigger rooms in my house I felt like I needed to give this room some attention. And now that I am blogger ( OK Newbie blogger ) I finally found another purpose for this room.

I not only wanted this room to be functional with the ironing and laundry but also wanted it to be my little dressing room where I can see all my priced possessions displayed in a way I get to admire them. I wanted a little bit of the room to be my space as well. So I can really get ready, show you guys my outfits and style more than I do now.

BEFORE PICTURES ( when I just started to paint)






At this point I had the idea but I needed help with conceptualizing it and bringing it to life. With a full time job, kids, blogging and staying fit (yes it’s a part of my life), I know I didn’t have the time to execute it! That’s where my friend and interior designer Luanne Roberson walks in. She really helped me conceptualize what I wanted this room to look like keeping in mind the functional aspect of things and how it can be my glam space too! I had a reasonably small budget for this room. So, keeping all this in mind she came up with the best pieces to add to this space.

Wall Paint 

The room was this yellowish white which is basically my entire house. It’s this standard white that builders use. If I wanted that impact, I knew I had to change the color. My choice of paint was Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace 2121-70. It’s that perfect white, doesn’t look yellowish in white or yellow light. A gallon of this paint by BM is $50.00 and you have to find a Benjamin Moore store close to you. In my case it was some 20 miles away, so I wanted to improvise and save some money. I went into Lowes and asked them to match to this color, which they gladly did so. The Valspar matched version of this paint was $30.00 per gallon. So, I got what I wanted and saved some money here!


DIY Gold Ironing Board

So my color concept in any of my rooms involve adding a touch of gold. This ironing board is the $10 ironing board from Walmart. Literally I have had it for 12 years. Like a lot of the other DIY projects I have done, this was one more. We got some metallic gold spray for $7.99 from Target and painted the base gold and changed the cover to a white to give it a modern look. ‘Sorry ironing board for neglecting you for so many years’!



Shelving and Decor

Ikea is my go to place when I want to be on a budget. I spend on lighting and bigger furniture pieces , but things like shelves can be planned within a budget. They barely can be seen, and honestly people notice what’s more on the shelves than where the shelve is from. So we decided to get these $15 dollar Ikea floating shelves to display my priced possessions. To decorate the shelves we used all my stuff I already had and added some west elm , target decorative items. The best and cheapest way to add pops of color and words to the shelves were through the boxes I had from all my designer bags and shoes. I didn’t know how these boxes could look so amazing on a shelf. So don’t ever throw them away. They can add so much to a room like this !



Lighting and Seating

So this is where I spent most of my budget. I feel good lighting fixtures add so much value to a room. They instantly make the room look more expensive than it really is. Having soft functional seating in that room was also important. I wanted moveable furniture. This ottoman you all looks so expensive than it really is. It’s so well stitched. I love Wayfair ! They have such great products. I have bought so much from there and all have been quality products. Click on the images to check out the products.

Laundry Management

Laundry management was an important must have in this room. We decided that closed large wicker baskets could really add that touch of natural elements in the room. This was Luanne’s idea and I loved it ! These baskets from World Market are so reasonably priced and sturdy! Adding hooks above them just added more functionality to that space.  You may see some really cool outfits hanging there 


I hope this gives you all insight into how we came up with a great space for me! I am so happy I have the space that I can call mine which I can still keep functional :). Hope this post gives you some inspiration ! 🙂




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This room is like a dream! You did so good! AwEsome


I am so in love with everything and how it turned out. u did a good job


The room looks great !!!!! Nice job !

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