Luxury Retail Shopping in India

You all know I was in India this December of 2017. It was all about family time, friends, eating out and shopping. I posted some Instagram stories (@stillloveglam) around where I went and what I did, but I really couldn’t wait to blog about them in detail. I wanted to share my luxurious shopping experiences at the retail stores in India and what I bought. If you love Anthropologie, Ayurveda and Natural skincare/haircare then please read on, you will not be disappointed.

India has changed in terms of shopping this time around for me. They have taken the approach of uplifting Ayurveda and enhancing homes with beautiful Indian craftsmanship and prints. Don’t get me wrong, this always existed but was more hidden. Now it’s all available in huge multistoried malls in India. The best part is all this can be bought from right here in USA. You don’t need to take an 18-hour long flight or spend $1000+ on a ticket to get this stuff.

Luxurious and Beneficial Ayurveda

India is the birth place of Ayurveda; the epicenter of handcrafted pottery, stoles jewelry etc. It has it all. Growing up in India, Ayurveda benefits were only for the older 60+ (how ignorant was I). But now people all ages understand the science behind herbs, roots, plants and their medicinal properties. So my first Ayurveda destination was a store called Forest Essentials. Their tag line is ‘Luxurious Ayurveda’ and in all truthfullness  the store was no less than a ‘Locciante En Provence’ or a ‘Crabtree and Evenlyn’ or even better! I mean Korean products are making all the rage right now, its time for the Ayurveda side of India to be seen and heard.

Literally I wanted to buy everything from the store. Everything!! The products are not cheap, but it’s worth every penny spent. I bought some of their best sellers, one of which is the Soundarya Radiance Cream with 24KGold and SPF. This cream is so moisturizing and feels like butter when applied but within a few seconds it leaves the skin feels moisturized and non greasy. The ingredients like Ashwagandha, 24K Gold Bhasma, Turmeric, Almond, Sandalwood and Saffron to name a few, have all anti aging properties and bring all the glow and radiance to the skin. If you visit their website ( link here)  you can definitely view it in more detail.

The other products I got were the hand creams and the facial fruit scrub made with fermented fruits. I have used them all and the best thing about all these products is the fragrance. They have the purest, most calming fragrance to each one of them.  Other than their facial care, they have hair care, wellness, perfumes and body care. If you are in any way inclined towards Ayurveda and want to get it from the source, this is the place to go. They ship worldwide and you can trust the packaging and quality. I know you will love it!

My second Ayurveda destination was Kama Ayurveda. Again a store no less than a retail luxurious store here in the USA. This store was particularly mentioned to me by a friend who absolutely vouched for their hair oil treatment. She mentioned that it helped with hair loss, thinning of hair and just dry scalp issues. Definitely winters make my scalp dry and hair loss is a never-ending issue. We lead such fast paced lives now which all adds to these issues. So, I was the first to grab it. It’s called the Bringadi Hair oil treatment. I have already started using it and my hair feels much healthier. It’s got 5 natural ingredients – Indigo flower, Bringraj, Amla, Balloon vines, and Sesame.  On their website, each ingredient is listed with their benefits, descriptions, how to use and reviews.

They too have a wide range of skincare, haircare, mother & child products. The oil treatment has to be applied to the scalp for 20 minutes before a hair wash. So you don’t have to walk around with a greasy scalp to a grocery store. Its quick and easy. It does have a little smell to it but it’s a smell that makes you feel this could actually be working 😉

Sustainable Luxury Home Decor

Moving away from Ayurveda, let’s talk about the home décor. I’m in awe of Good Earth; my dream is to add each of their beautiful fine bone china pieces to my collection. I was actually waiting to go to this store since I booked my ticket to India. If there was one store in India I wanted to visit it was Good Earth. They have everything related to home décor from gorgeous bedding, bath, luxurious cushions to home decor. Each collection tells a story, journeying through culture and craft with an eye on the past. My writing can’t do justice to this store. You need to visit their website and see all the stuff they have. Special attention to their pillow covers, crockery and baby bedding too J.

I got a couple of sets of coffee mugs (pictured above) with beautiful designs representing the Persian gardens and the tropical beauty of the rich islands of the Indian Ocean. I also bought this sturdy brass kettle vase that just looks so unique with its hand etched patterns.


I was so excited to share these finds from India that you and me can actually shop from. Let me know if you have any questions about their products and I can help answer them for you, since I saw them in person. #notsponsored 🙂




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