How to wear Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes never seem to go out of style because designers are continually reinventing them. Every 2 years or so they keep coming back. There seem to be endless ways that simple straight lines can be combined to create new and exciting designs. I know the quintessential question we all have ‘do horizontal stripes make us look fatter or is it vertical stripes?’. I say it depends whether its a skirt, pant or top. This blog post tells you all about how this contemporary style can be worn as a blazer, skirt, shirt, dress and pants.

How to wear a black and white stripe blazer:

A striped blazer in a vertical stripe is flattering on every body type and easy to wear with a range of clothing you already own.

  • For this look, I paired  my striped blazer over a floral print crop top and light blue denims and some short booties. It might seem like a fashion “don’t” to mix stripes with another print, but the  floral top adds such a cute vibe and texture to the outfit.
  • Keep the jeans or pants blue, white or black. If you want to experiment with color, add color to the top or blouse underneath the blazer.
  • For the most impact stick to black accessories such as sunglasses, bag, jewelry, belt etc.


How to wear a black and white stripe top:

A white and black striped top is a wardrobe staple. It’s a perfect shirt/top for any weather and look. This piece of wardrobe can go both ways with the stripes.

  • Stick to horizontal stripes for cotton/jersey tops and vertical for more dressier shirts.
  • Wear it under a printed blazer or jacket. Try adding another pop of print with an accessory like a leopard belt, bag, or shoes.
  • For some serious edgy style layer your striped top with a sleek black leather jacket. Give the outfit a monochromatic look by keeping the jeans or leggings black and accessories black as well.
  • Sometimes a bold dose of color to the outfit is needed on a bright summer day. Pair your striped top with a red skater skirt as we get into spring and summer. Keep the rest of the look simple so the striped top stands out.
  • Another cute look with your striped top can be with a blue denin overalls. They are all the rage right now.


How to wear a black and white stripe dress:

I love a cute black and white stripe casuaul jersey dress. They absolutely look effortless and styled. With so much of stripes I would definitely keep the stripes horizontal for a crisp clean look. If horizontal scares , please look closely at the image below. I was blown away too. Research done by Dr. Thompson.

  • Pair a striped dress with a white or blue denim jacket.
  • A bold dose of color can be added with a crossbody or tote.
  • Keep the shoes/booties to black or white.

How to wear a black and white stripe pant:

This one is tricky. I’ve to admit, this was more a lessons learnt trend for me. So the story goes, I owned a black and white vertical stripe fitted trousers and everytime I wore it I felt the lines would become curves and then it lives happily ever after in my closet…lol .

  • Keeping the pants loose like the picture below is the key to this trend. Horizontal stripes are a definite no for me here.
  • These loose high waisted pants can be styled with a white tshirt or a bold graphic tee.
  • For a more formal look, go with a black blazer and a sheer tulle black blouse inside to bring the sexy back 😉


How to wear a black and white stripe skirt:

A black and white skater skirt looks bold, classy and yet cute.

  • Color through a cute tshirt is the most popular way to dress this look, but I would rather wear it with a denim shirt and some cute nuetral pumps.
  • Here some fun colored accessories can definitely add the fun factor to this outfit.

Hope you had fun reading this striped blog. xoxo



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