Statement Designer Belts VS Affordable Trendy Belts

Belts have been making such a statement for the past two years. With the whole GG logo Gucci belt fashion frenzy, which of course I gave into, has brought a new outlook towards this statement leather. It’s no longer an accessory. I now look at my outfits and see if I can actually wear my outfit as an accessory to the belt…haha. Today’s round up is on designer and non designer (affordable trending) belts that I have been loving. Some are off my wish list and into my closet, while some are making their way through.

Reasons to invest in a designer belt:

  • There is no season for a belt, you can wear them all year around.
  • They can be your more affordable designer statement pieces, rather than investing in more pricier designer bags or shoes.
  • They can be styled with any outfit– dresses, skirts, chunky sweaters, coats , jeans, shorts, pants! Anything!
  • Longevity is great, cause you won’t have much wear and tear. It’s not like a bag where you constantly dig in and out off.

Reasons to give into an affordable trendy belt:

  • The most affordable way to stay in trend every season. Every season there is a new trend in belts.
  • They can be your inexpensive way to experiment with your outfits
  • They keep coming back in trend (a.k.a corset belts) so its never a wrong investment for keeps.

Designer Investment Belts:

1). Double GG Gucci belt

The GG black Gucci belt is such a statement piece. I am obsessed with mine and love the fact that it can go from high waist to low waist. I put in extra holes to make sure it works both ways! If I were to pick one piece to get it would be this one. If you are more into browns, the tan belt looks so chic too. My personal favorite is the black and gold combo. I have listed all the belts below.

2). Salvatore Ferregamo Reversible belt:

So if you want a more understated medium sized designer belt, I would say this would be my first choice. Firstly, you get beige and black in one belt. It was the best combination I could ever ask for in a belt. It’s logo is a good size but still has some subtlety to it. I love the saffiano leather texture of this belt which makes it more resistant to scratches and wear.

3). Chloe Carly Textured leather waist belt :

This belt is defined by Chloe’s signature gold hoop hardware and dangling chains. It’s their signature hardware that you see on their most desired bags. These bags are triple the cost of the belt. That makes this the most reasonable option to get the Chloe designer signature look ! I love everything about this belt and its currently in my most desired wish list ! This is the most pricier of all the options listed.

4). Skinny Double GG Gucci Belt :

If you are more into skinny belts, then this is the belt to invest in. Its got the subtle Gucci logo and comes in a variety of colors. If you are not into thick belts then go for this classic piece.

Scroll through the options below for all the belts listed above.

Affordable Trendy Belts:

1). Suede belts:

Suede is such a classic to stay for seasons. I am loving the belts I am seeing. It’s a fun way to add suede to your wardrobe during spring and summer. It’s a perfect way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit without breaking the bank.

2). Corset style leather belt

I am loving this trend. To my surprise, I already have a corset black belt that I bought maybe 5 years ago. Styles just keep coming back..yay!. So glad I kept it ! I love a corset belt; it adds so much oomph to an outfit. I am loving the lace up and cage versions of them that I am seeing this season. A simple black t-shirt and black pants with a beige cage belt(like the pic below) will just take the outfit from 0 to a 100. I can’t wait to wear mine with a white t-shirt and denims.


3). Leather Obi belt :

The name ‘Obi’ comes from Japan where it’s the name of the sash for a traditional Japanese dress (kimono). This belt can be worn on dresses, shirts , tshirts etc. Its definitely a more toned down feminine version of a corset belt. A fun interesting belt to add to your wardrobe if you like to play with different styles.

4). Metal tipped leather belt:

So this one is one of my favorite belts with silver hardware. I am not such a big fan of silver hardware but this belt is the only one that I think I love in silver more than gold. The embossed silver buckle has a casual yet cool feel to it. I can’t wait to pair this with shorts and t shirt where the belt can be a statement.

Scroll through the options below for all the belts listed above.

I felt ‘THE BELT’ deserved a blog post as its such a statement accessory now but always takes a back seat compared to other accessories.



I loved Obi belt… would look so trendy with skirts..

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Love this post! And love all the belts 💖


i need to get my hands on some nice belts, thanks for sharing

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