The TEMPTU AIR holiday rose gold kit is everything you need for a flawless  glowing complexion this holiday season. I absolutely loved that I got to use it and experience the air brushed makeup look. I have always seen makeup artists on youtube use it on brides for their D day , but with this kit you can actually use it at home to get that flawless bridal complexion. Its that easy.

How to do order:

  • Click on the link HERE to order your kit.
  • Select your foundation and find your true match through their shader finder quiz. I honestly got the perfect match.
  • Select your blush shade and your illuminator primer shade as well based on your skin tone.

What it comes with : 

  • The Holiday kit comes with a AIR machine , a USB charge and four pods- Illuminating primer , Foundation , Blush and Highlighter. All their products are oil free, paraben  free , pthalate free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic.
  • It comes with a 2 yr warrantee and a 45 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

First thing to do:

  • Charge the AIR machine for maybe 1 hour.

How to use it :

  • Shake the illuminator pod a little before use. Open the top and remove the black plug. Then push in the pod and press the power button. Adjust the speed to 2. The release button above the power button allows to adjust the product coming out of the pod as you apply. So you are in full control.
  • Apply the illuminator all over the face to get that t dewy base. It may seem a little wet but give it 15 secs to dry before you move on to the foundation. Same process for the foundation as well.
  • After the foundation apply the blush on the cheeks and I like to apply a little on the forehead and chin for that flushed look. The last step is the highlight which is honestly wow. I apply it above my cheekbones. bridge of my nose and a little on the center of my forehead.

Thats it and you are done. The whole application took me about 20 mins.Hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.