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Let’s talk skin. It’s one of my favorite topics. I always like seeking skincare advise or giving skincare advice.  We all know how important it is to take care of our skin, specially as we get older. After my second pregnancy, I really started noticing my skin aging starting with hyper pigmentation to dullness. It’s all a part of aging and I am ok with that, but if I can slow the process down why not! The skincare industry keeps evolving and every month there are some revolutionary products in the market that will change your skin. I don’t go out buying them all but I do try some of them out and try to up my skincare game every 2-3 months with what’s new and what works.

Skin Care

Today I am sharing my current nighttime skincare routine. I started with nighttime cause it’s important to allow your skin to hydrate, repair and restore while you sleep. The products I use currently have worked well for my skin. I have a normal skin type so it goes from dry in winters to oily in summers. Though its normal I do break out if I use any products that are oil based, so I have to be careful with what I use. I am listing the current products in the order I use them, that is giving me that bright, clear and clean skin that I was looking for after my pregnancy.

Arbonne Cleanser 

I first start by cleansing my face with a good cleanser. Cleansers are tricky as they can really dry your skin. A good cleanser that takes off makeup and light enough to use after a workout to avoid clogged pores is all I need at the moment.  This cleanser really takes of all the makeup and keeps my skin feeling clean and moisturized. If you haven’t heard of Arbonne its a European company thats all about the environment, going green and creating safe anti aging products. I will  definitely continue to purchase this until I find something else that makes as much of a difference as this one.

Avene RetrinAl (Vitamin A) 0.1 Intensive  Cream

I started using Retinol since March 2017. So, it’s only been a couple of months but this product has  changed my skin after pregnancy. This cream is magic, it doesn’t dry the skin like most retinols do and when I wake up in the morning my skin looks and feels tightened.  I apply it after I cleanse my face with the arbonne cleanser. The New Beauty magazine claims that this retinol cream is the best for sensitive skin.

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water cream

If you haven’t tried this leave everything and go get it now..haha. This is the best moisturizing cream as well as brightening cream I have used. It definitely answered my problem of hyper pigmentation after pregnancy.  The papaya enzymes smooth the skin and gently exfoliate for immediate improvement in texture.I apply it right after I apply the retinol cream. It’s got loads of hyaluronic acid that really keeps the skin hydrated. This product is great for preventing that dry skin this winter. Most importantly,  it doesn’t cause acne or white heads like most heavy moisturizing creams do, that’s why I love it so much.

Revision Skincare DEJ Eye cream

So this skincare line was suggested by a physician friend, who with all her fellow physician recommendations was completely loving this line. I went ahead and made the purchase and I completely love this eye cream. Its light weight for the eyes, doesn’t feel greasy and does the work. I feel it does help reduce fine lines, puffiness but not so much my dark circles. My dark circles are hereditary, I have to blame my dad for that. Taking care of the skin around the eyes is so so important, that’s where all the signs of aging start. I am still in the quest for a revolutionary eye cream that solves all my problems. When I find one I will surely let you all know first :).

Vaseline lip gel

So this probably is the simplest and cheapest (I have expensive taste that’s what my husband says) product I have used but it does the work. It keeps my lips from chapping and that’s all I need.

Let me know if this was informative and hope to hear your feedback as I continue to think about my next blog post.. xoxo


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